Automatic gates and fences are similar to garage doors in that they have many parts. This means when it isn’t working, you may need 24-hour gate repairs. Like garage doors, automatic gates can have a variety of different issues. In the event you are experiencing issues, 24-7 Garage Doors can provide repairs.

There are many automatic gate problems you could experience, so we have compiled a list. The list below is the most common issues associated with automatic gates and fences.

When any of these issues appear in your gate, give 24-7 Garage Doors a call. We perform 24-hour gate repairs for commercial and residential customers.

Here are the automatic gate problems you may experience:

Unable to Open or Close

The most obvious and common problem you can experience with your automatic gate is it not opening or closing. Whether your gate is for a business or your home, this issue can serve to be a serious problem.

Gates that remain open are more serious issues because they pose risks to the safety of the property. On the other hand, gates perpetually closed serve to be a convenience issue. Without an opening gate, you or customers are unable to enter the property.

The cause of an inoperable gate could be from a variety of different issues. A lack of power, electrical problem, or obstruction could cause the gate to remain open or closed. No matter what the cause is, 24-7 Garage Doors can perform 24-hour gate repairs.

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A properly installed automatic gate shouldn’t be noisy when it’s opening or closing. However, this trait typically comes with age. Since the elements consistently batter gates, noise is a common problem created.

Of course, a small amount of noise is normal. When it gets too extreme levels, you should consider 24-hour gate repairs.

Noise is not always caused by normal wear and tear. Damage to the gate or failing parts emits sound. Your gate could be partially damaged, or parts of it could be in severely poor condition. 24-7 Garage Doors can identify the issue and determine what repairs need to be performed.

Faulty Keypad or Remote

The problem with your gate may not be the gate itself but the hardware paired to it. Keypads and remotes are the two most popular methods of opening gates, which can have a plethora of issues themselves. Your gate may be in perfect condition, but these items could be a different story.

For remotes, it could be a problem with the battery. Once the batteries of the remote die, the signal is unable to be sent to the gate. As for keypads, it could be associated with power, faulty buttons, a system error, or something else entirely.

24-7 Garage Doors can provide you with quick 24-hour gate repairs whenever these issues appear. Don’t wait for repair services when you can have them within an hour.

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Missing Hardware

Automatic gates are made to improve the safety and security of a property while maintaining convenience. In attempted break-ins, your automatic gate may have been damaged in the process. The potential burglar might have removed hardware that could be causing problems for the gate.

Missing or damaged hardware is always possible from age too. Parts can rust or may have been faulty from the start. Regardless of the problem, contact our team for 24-hour gate repairs.

Do You Need a 24-Hour Gate Repair?

Do you have any of the aforementioned issues? Give 24-7 Garage Doors a call at (713) 999-1059. If the repairs do not need immediate attention, then have our team visit when you are available. We’ll perform the repairs in a timely manner and get your automatic gate up and running in no time.